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We built an all-in-one platform for you to find co-founders and bootstrap startups in an automated, low-cost, no-paperwork way

Hey everyone, here’s something that we built using bubble that I think would be super helpful to the bubble community. It’s called Ataeum. It is an all-in-one platform to find co-founders and bootstrap startups in an automated, low-cost, no-paperwork way. Our innovative work-based weekly smart vesting minimizes co-founder uncertainty and conflicts, and facilitates fair ownership based on the amount of work done. The platform creates and manages a joint venture to enable you to run your startup in a lightweight and automated way. In contrast to the usual startup founding, you don’t have to worry about things like incorporation, bylaws, stock options, state qualifications, bank accounts etc. until you make revenues or decide to incorporate.

Basically, ataeum goes beyond co-founder dating to make sure the marriage is successful, and takes care of a lot of the business side of startup founding.

The main reason for posting here is that we think the bubble community can really help ventures on Ataeum bring their ideas to reality :slight_smile:

Check us out at And plase let us know your thoughts and feedback. What would you like to see, what’s missing and what’s unnecessary.


Interesting concept. What’s the key purpose? Is it to…

  • Help co-founders find each other?

  • Make the legal setup cheaper (vs. using legalzoom or something like that)?

  • Serve as a type of accelerator by providing guidance, support and resources?

  • Facilitate larger groups (3+) of part-time co-founders coming together, vs. a more intensive sole founder or 2-founder situation where founders are expected to work nearly full time?

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The problem we wanted to solve is to really enable people to just work on the product without worrying too much about the business side of things and spending too much money/time on it before you really know you have something meaningful on your hands.

And we realized for that we had to solve for more than one thing - and in some sense all the points you highlighted are the ones are are addressing. But in a lightweight way. The one thing that we’re doing that we think nobody else is doing is to build a system that really builds trust between co-founders through the right vesting mechanisms and minimizes chances of conflict. I think in traditional startup settings there’s just too much effort wasted on splitting the pie which takes a heavy toll on the size of the pie itself!