How many Bubblers have a co-founder or have thought about finding someone?

I’ve been thinking of trying to find a co-founder to help launch/run my app and business, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea and how to go about it. So, in addition to the poll,

What has been your experience if you went through this process of finding a co-founder?

  • I have a co-founder
  • I would love to find a co-founder
  • No, thanks! I’m a one-person army.

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Depends what stage you’re at, what are your finances, what skills set you have. I guess I am hoping that tools like bubble make co founders unnecessary since the original idea was to have a techie cofounder if you are a non techie. I was in an incubator and that was kind of what I learned. Then a developer mentioned bubble. Alas, there is a template company and a bubble “audit” expert that seem to be milking bubble for all it’s worth with no real reviews available so buyer beware. I’m still determined to get to MVP on my own and without VC $$ (not that they would fund me anyways).

Thanks @madelineny, I think for me it’s more the idea that two developers/workers are better than one. You can split work, hopefully each has areas that they have more experience in or prefer to do over the other. It’s also someone to bounce ideas off of and push you to achieve more.

It would be really interesting to read @josh and @emmanuel’s experience and how it worked for them.

Just as an aside - Emmanuel did an interview on indiehackers and talks about starting up and the early days of Bubble. Definitely worth a read.


The results that you will get from the poll here will most probably misguide you.

I bet that the One-person army will win the poll as Bubble, by itself, promotes “solopreneurship” because of the reasons @madelineny already gave

I think the question you need an answer for is: How many ramen profitable Bubblers have a co-founder?

@JonL you may be right, but I do know of a few, fairly successful Bubble-based apps/businesses that have more than one person who founded and run it.


I would go directly after all those Bubble companies/apps that are successful and ask them. It would actually make a great resource/blog post :slight_smile:

In any case…good luck. I’m stuck at the same point as you.

In my opinion 1 + 1 = >2 when it comes to doing it alone vs finding a partner. Finding the right partner may not always be easy but when you do, there are a lot more benefits compared to doing it alone. Here are a few from the top of my head:

  • You break the loop you can get stuck in when you’re all alone working on your idea. Just explaining and talking about your idea with someone knowledgeable will do wonders for any concept.

  • Two know more than one. Even if your skillsets overlap, there is plenty you don’t know that someone else does.

  • It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off. As you move ideas back and forth, they will take on a better shape much quicker.

  • As a company (design/dev agency in our case) you are actually a company as opposed to just ‘a guy with a laptop’. (in fact, you’re two guys (or girls!) with a laptop now! :wink: )

  • As a company you can offer much more consistency and reliability to your clients. If something happes to one, the other can keep running.

  • And last but not least: it’s GREAT to have someone to vent some frustrations on!

As a con I would say there is one big one: you have to split your revenue :smiley: