Co-founder matching within Bubble ecosystem?

Hi I’m doing YCombinator’s upcoming online startup school and they just held their first “cofounder matching” event which was essentially an online speed dating type event for meeting a potential cofounder via 5min zoom chats. They also have an async cofounder matching service which lets you create a profile and it suggests candidates who match on specified criteria.

My question: does such a thing exist for Bubble solo devs? If not, should it?

I’m semi-technical and have learned Bubble to the extent necessary to develop our MVP for Problemattic. I’m now scouting around to find a technical cofounder who is proficient with Bubble and has time/passion to execute on the technical roadmap so that I can revert back to the bizdev, evangelism, growth aspects. I’m using the YC cofounder matching system in the meantime for this search but realized that given Bubble proficiency is a hard requirement here it might make more sense to conduct this search from within the Bubble community…

Anyways curious if there is a watering hole in this community for finding potential cofounders. If not, adding a discussion category to this forum could be a simple first step towards that… More sophisticated would be implementing a dedicated app for this purpose akin to what YC is running that allows you to enter structured data, rate it in importance and run a matching algorithm against other candidates. Thoughts?

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Love this idea!

Hi Sean, yes great idea. Made any progress with it in the last few months?

There’s some miscommunication here… I’m not proposing to build this service. I’m saying Bubble the company ought to consider offering it as it would be a valuable bit of infrastructure to offer this to their community members.

Absent them doing that (which I’m assuming this would be always low on the totem pole of priority for them), then yes someone should clone the YC cofounder matching app in Bubble and offer it as a nocode founder matching service independent of Bubble. I am already full-time on Problemattic so I don’t have bandwidth/interest to pursue this venture but I would use such a service if it existed.

On a different note (and to reiterate my initial post) I’m still seeking a competent technical co-founder well-versed in Bubble who can take over the majority of technical dev for us so I can stay focused on biz dev. Until then though I’m continuing to build our platform solo. For more on our mission see here. cheers