Bubble Built Success story on Indie Hackers

We built FUE (https://followupedge.com) with Bubble, and are now live on IndieHackers.
Proud to be a success story - <6 months and > 24k MRR.

Looking forward to the next 6 months, many thanks to Bubble and the wonderful people/coaches who have helped us get here.


  1. Podcasts/Guest Blogging opportunities
  2. Connections to marketing Agencies/Coaches


  1. Marketing/Scaling advice
  2. Code related questions (I’m a fullstack NodeJS dev)



Great work!

Awesome stuff. Glad to see other Bubblers in the IH community.

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Very cool, can you provide more information about what your product does and your experience growing the revenue?

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Love this very much …

Prototype to Revenue in a couple of months.

And you know what, that should not even be a “Wow” soon, that should just the way things are now.

Congratulations @scott3

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Excellent story of success, congrats! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!


Thanks Nigel!

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