Web share API with conditionals?

I am using web share but i need the text to change based on some dynamic data in bubble. I am trying to use a conditional statement to apply different html based on the changing conditions (like two different types of users). How do I go about accomplishing this task. Do I have to create two separate buttons, do the conditions need to be coded in the html and not using bubble. Here’s my current html for the web share

this is what I was trying to use when a different type of user tries to share:

Any help is appreciated!

this live bit isnt needed, just have the home url and the ?.

This should work but you might get errors if the text contains certain characters etc, is it currently working or getting errors or?

It’s currently working but only the html in the image. When I try to put the 2nd bit in the conditional tab it becomes unresponsive.

when you say unresponsive, what do you mean specifically?

The web share button that was working stops working (no response at all) but only on the users and pages the conditional was applied too in bubble.

For example: I’ll add the conditoinal when: current user is admin, change html to: the 2nd bit and now the share button doesn’t work at all for admins

Okay cool can you take a screenshot of the conditional rule you had?

Cool, in the debugger you should probably see a bunch of errors come up when you click the button because there would be unexpected characters there.

Take you need to either use the dynamic text in here again like in your first pic, it remove all the "current user’s " text, then it should run.