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Webhook: POST and then GET

Worked! Subscription created.

Thanks so much for your help on this!

Now I just have to setup the rest of the webhook to listen for the events and route appropriately…

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Glad I could help. You got this.

I’m trying to push the Bubble team to expand the abilities of the API, aka GET requests for workflows and custom responses when returning Data via API. If you can send them a feature request, that should help!


One last thing, I don’t even think you need the HTTP request from Integromat to Bubble anymore since you’re only returning the same “hub.challenge” that Strava sent you in the GET request anyway. I think…

I’ll need to revisit that at some point but I didn’t need it to make the subscription. I’m manually checking via an API call to validate the subscription and necessary codes, but later on should probably implement the proper thing creation, deletion of subscription, etc.

Will put in a feature request on the GET piece. Thanks

If the Bubble API Connector POST is returning the subscriber ID, you could probably just use that as an action and trigger it as needed and then save the returned data to whatever database items you need. There wouldn’t be a need to trigger an “obj” workflow to write to your database.

Hey guys!

Glad you managed to figure this out! I’m working on the same exact challenge currently (creating subscription with Strava).

I was following some of the steps, but struggled with a lot of the different paths to the solution. I would really appreciate a break-down of the solution in more details & with any screenshots (for a Bubble novice like myself).

Currently I’m either getting a error that it didn’t receive a status code of 200 (still not clear how to add this to the response), or that it’s not verifiable.

Currently, my perception of the overall is the process in the solution is:

  • Use API Connector in Bubble to create the initial POST request to Strava (to create subscription)
  • Strava sends a GET request to the callback url, which needs to be responded to
  • The redirect link should be to Integromat custom webhook where it essentially sends back the hub.challenge & status code back to Strava (is this done in Bubble or with Integromat?)
  • Then Strava sends back the result of the initial POST request

Any help would greatly appreciated!

You’ve more or less got it. Most of the time was burned trying to figure out why wasn’t getting more details out of the webhook, but later realized my earlier attempts with other solutions where doing a combo webhook & GET for additional details.

So basically:

  • POST to Strava
  • GET comes to Integromat
  • Detect the incoming data with Integromat
  • Have a webhook response in integromat (picture below)
  • That gets you the subscription. You can validate this in Bubble with doing a manual check on the subscription status.
  • Then, turn off the Integromat scenario for the subscription and connect the same webhook to an HTTP action (Make a request).
  • You’ll have to redetect the incoming data and set it up as a “pass through” JSON
  • HTTP action (Make a request) gets pointed to your backend Bubble workflow and you pass the “value” from the initial.

After that, you should be able to create a thing or do other actions that you need. Hope this helped!


Thank you so much! This was incredibly helpful!

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