Website looks weird on Macbook Air 13 inch

Hello bubblers!
I have this particular website displaying fine on my laptop, iPad and mobile, but when I use a friend’s Macbook air to view it, some of the section looks off. I tested with another Macbook, it displayed fine. But on my friend’s macbook air is where the problem arises. I understand responsiveness very well and I have created different page breakpoint just to make it look nice, but it’s not…

Another thing I noticed is, if I use the chrome on the macbook air, it displays fine but if I use safari, it looks off…

Any suggestion would be appreciated because it’s so frustrating… Thanks!!

So stop using chrome :rofl:

Seriously tho. If you’re in chrome on the MacBook Air and you zoom out, does that fix the issue?

It works fine on my laptop’s chrome and safari but some sections are off on his safari…

I’m an ass and miss read the first message.

I mean: stop using safari! But am only kidding. If you’re on safari, on that computer, and zoomed out, would it appear any different? Also, are you sure all browsers are up to date?

Check the ‘Text Size’ settings on you friend’s macbook. If they are setting their text size as larger than default, safari might be rendering differently to Chrome. They both get affected, but i seem to remember that safari gets affected more drastically.

Thank you

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