Website performance too bad, why?

Here is the results of an audit done on my website.

Do you have any idea why the performance is too bad?

How can the performance be better ?

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Bubble is working on performance. Unfortunately, a lot of scripts are loaded onto the page which makes it really heavy to load the page. My advice would be to check your console and see what part is causing the heavy load.

I also found that some plugins might cause these issues.

Where can i find the console and how can i use it to check which parts are causing heavy loads?

I made an example very simple, 1 page and 2 datas no pluggins, to see if the performance results could be better.
The example is here:

and the results are here:

It is still worse…any idea about the reason ?

Try using the free boost and test again.

Done with the boost, the results are pretty the same

But one moment, why the boost will make the performance better ??

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I found that Professional plan with 5 units is really fast. The cheaper plans are not so fast.

Boosting adds server capacity to your app.

You can also enable cloudflare for the time being. It will make the app faster.

Cloudflare is enabled for my app (not for the example), it didn’t make it faster.
Are you certain that is relative to the plan? Can the bubble team confirm it @neerja

Neerja doesnt work at Bubble.

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