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Weekend Bubble Assistance

I was wondering if there was anyone out there willing to do some bubble coaching this weekend? I’m stuck on a project and the weekend is the only time I have to really work on it. I would only need an hr or 2 worth of assistance.

Thank you in advanced

Have you looked at @iamsalar’s Cobubble service?

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You could try @romanmg of Coaching Bubble

Or ask your questions in the forum and see if the general population can help!

It seems that Cobubble site isn’t working. Nothing comes up when I click any of the options.

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She’s busy on the weekends unfortunately. Forum is good just need a little more one on one help. Thanks

If you are still looking to connect I am free for the next few hours, and have some time tomorrow around the same time.
You can send me a DM

Hey @shadsanders89! Glad to see you just booked your session. :smiley:

Like @DaveA noted, make use of the forum; opening up a discussion to figure out viable solutions is a great way to keep the community informed while getting help with your project!

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