Make a group element "GROW"

Hello Everyone! Trying to make an element get “Bigger” when it is hovered over. I made two elements, one bigger than the other. I made the bigger one “not visible upon page load”. I also set a condition for it that states when smaller(which is visible upon page load) element is hovered then bigger element is visible. It works!!! But it flashes instead of staying static. I have created a GIF showing whats happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated…!

giphy (1)

It may be happening because the group isn’t set to be visible when you’re hovering over the group itself.

What’s happening:
When you hover over the smaller group, the larger group appears. Your mouse is then NOT hovered over the smaller group (since the larger group is over it), so the conditional statement is false (rendering the larger group invisible again). As you move your mouse, the “hovered” state is bounced back and forth as the smaller group is and isn’t hovered.

How to fix:
When smaller group is hovered OR when larger group is hovered:
Larger group is visible

Doing the above keeps the conditional statement true when the larger group appears

Thank you so much for the support. The bigger element stays now. Thanks

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