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What am I doing wrong? [Foursquare nearby places]


So I am trying to test The Foursquare Nearby Places feature using the Foursquare API through blockspring.

I have followed the steps in blockspring and added my bubble app to my Foursquare account.

I have now added some simple text field with dynamic text > Nearby Places > Added an address etc
But when I run it there is nothing showing up.

I am getting an error: Blockspring error: foursquare_token

tested in both dev and live.

What could I be doing wrong? have I missed something obvious?


Possible that the block isn’t fully setup yet as that sounds like an authorization error to me. Have you run a successful initial setup? Make sure you’re logged in and can run a test search in here…

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yes I have run a test and Bubble says its authenticated. still nothing shows.

Anyone else ran this successfully?