What does this Bubble Stripe API 404 error message mean? 'Workflow not in initialization mode'

{“statusCode”:404,“body”:{“status”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Workflow subscriptionsuccess not in initialization mode”},“args”:{“bubble_code”:“1547891221017x525456556206610050”}}

I am using Detect data to get fields back from Stripe and everything seems set up correctly. The subscription and Invoice ID are showing in Stripe for the customer. The webhook just says it’s ‘Pending’ in Stripe with the above error and so none of my Endpoint actions take place.


I’ve run into this a couple times and it’s actually a pretty simple fix.

Whenever you run the ‘detect data’ version of an API call, you need to actually be in initialization mode, which means that you have to have that “detect request data” popup open when the API is fired.

Click on the “detect data” button, but keep that popup open while you trigger the API.

That should do it!


Ah in that case I think I’m missing the point of Detect data as when the User is using my app the popup of course won’t be open!

So is the purpose of the Detect data just for me to see the exact names of each key so I can write them down and use them and then I have to swap back to manual parameter and enter in the key names manually (instead of getting the key names from the Stripe API reference page)?

Or is Detect data just not working in develop mode but will work in live without the popup open?

Am confused…

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Ok I get it.

When using Detect request data, put /initialize on the end of your web hook.
When you’ve chosen the data you need, go back to Stripe and remove /initialize from the webhook URL.

Sigh. Knew it was going to be something simple. I hadn’t removed /initialize from my webhook.