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What element/workflow is causing geolocation request?

Any advice on how to determine what element or workflow is causing the browser to make a geolocation request

I’m trying to execute a more elegant solution like @natedogg described here

But I can’t figure out what is making that very first location request. Even with step by step mode on with ?debug_mode=true, I’m not seeing what element or workflow is making the location request. It happens immediately on page load. I’ve tried deleting workflows to pin it down, but no luck.

Is it because I have future workflows that haven’t been triggered yet but will eventually request a geolocation?

Is it because I have elements that aren’t visible on page load, but will later become visible?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

Hey @vaughnwibbles :slight_smile: I think it displays when you’re using “Current geographic position” as the default value within an input or searchbox element.

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Or in a map element.

Thanks @emmanuel and @fayewatson. A few questions:

  • If current geographic position is used as a value on an input/searchbox that isn’t visible on initial page load, will the prompt not appear until the element becomes visible?
  • If current geographic position is used in an input/searchbox of an element conditionally, will the prompt only appear if the conditions are met?

Hoping there are known answers here. If not, I can clone my app and just start deleting stuff until I get to the bottom of it : )

Thanks all!

Hey @vaughnwibbles! :slight_smile: Sorry for missing your post - I have the current location as a default value in a hidden element, and I do believe the prompt still happens on page load, not when the element becomes visible. Would be good to test to make sure though!

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