What happens if something happens to the NYC Team

So this is not a fun topic to ask about…but…

What is the plan from the Bubble.is team if something happens to the whole team in NYC? (We call it the “hit by a Mack Truck” Backup Plan)

Is there someone or organization outside of Bubble.is with the keys to the platform to save all of our applications?

I know everything is stored in AWS, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be easy to get access to the code if something happens to the NYC team.



As I remembered some conversations (I asked too), Bubble will become open source. As you mentionned, if the team disapear, everything will be probably flush… High risk level of that: 2/10 IMO. There are in NY: 4/10 (just kidding) :slight_smile:

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Exactly! I couldn’t find the source but I remember they said they will make the platform code open source enabling you to selfhost the whole builder and database system (based on nodejs, I believe).

Oh I don’t think the team would ever intentionally leave. I was more curious if say something catastrophic happened to the team and no one was left at the office.

It is morbid, but other providers have multiple locations and teams. The bubble team seems very centralized.

I completely believe the open source plan. :slightly_smiling_face:

I suggest if you have a business that takes off with your app that you just buy insurance for your business, nothing much else you can do. Just a thought, not sure if where you are at allows you to buy insurance but I know in the states you can buy insurance. At least cover yourself and your own customers if something does happen. :slight_smile: Hope you find this helpful. Something like this https://www.hiscox.com/



You know that is honestly a very good recommendation. I’m going to look into that if my business actually takes off.

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Hey @josh10,

Friend, chill! Emmanuel’s already said they’ll post the code if things tank. The company is a ‘going concern’ and they are growing. This platform is cutting edge and the slice-o-this-pie that is codeless app building for everyone is not a fad.

If you’re worrying about this, I have a top 10 things to worry about.

Ashley’s TOP TEN, What happens if…

#10 … I run out of milk, mid cereal bowl pour???
#9 … upon returning home, I discover that my elevator’s on the fritz?!?
#8 … I just lay my head on my pillow after a long day of programming and realize, just as I drift off to sleep that it’s garbage day and I have to drag my sorry butt outta bed and take the flippin’ garbage out???
#7 … I break a ski landing badly after an epic jump? (been there, ski the rest of the day on one ski!)
#6 … I jump on a surf board inappropriate for a beginner and stupidly paddle out to the big boy waves in Indonesia, only to discover that I forgot to take a breath before the first of a series of monstorous waves attempts to mangle my love of the sea forever?
#5 … I drunkenly crawl out of a cab, discovering I’ve left my phone in the back seat?
#4 … The bubble team decides to return to the planet Praxis, unbequeathing (is that a werd?) their gift of codeless programming upon humanity. @emmanuel, don’t think I didn’t notice your ere’ so slight Praxian accent on our last chat!
#3 … The polar ice caps melt before I enjoy next summer’s kickin Vancouver Beach Partay! woot woot
#2 … I get to the end of my life and realize that I still want to see how humanity ends? (I mean, there’s a real possibility that I might actually kick the bucket one day! The Horror!!!
#1 … I didn’t get the chance to tell you all how much I love you?


Happy Bubblin!

ps. Emmanuel said he’d release the hounds code if the business goes bottoms up, the way of the dodo bird, or swims with the fishes


@ashley.benson.tait… I’m actually referring to something more dire than that. For example, imagine a terror attack that takes out their small building.

Who releases the code at that point? My worries are related to backup plans in the worst case scenarios. I’m not nervous at all about the company’s financial stability. They are doing great in that department.

Oh, right.

That’s yer right to fear monger. Life ain’t without risks. Tragedies happen. If you can bring value to society, you’re going to find a way. A tech platform is only a part of anyone’s vision. The heavy lifting comes in the honing, nay, forging of one’s vision. Chill my friend. In the unlikely event that your scenario (terrorists strike Bubble’s office complex) or MY scenario (1000 hungry, homeless, puppies get really hungry and decide to wholly devour said office complex), then yep, we’re up the creek without a paddle. But all the work that I’ve done with bubble has primarily been in the honing of my ideas. I’d bet that the value of any excellent idea outweighs the build time in platform it stands upon. I’ll execute my idea if either one of those nightmare conditions sees the light-o-day.

@josh10, don’t worry about such obscure things. Don’t let the guzzled consumption of fear bring aboot (canadian accent) the cessasation of your vision. Focus on your dream and make it happen. Then drop me a line and show me your wares!

Dude, I ain’t mocking you. I’m mocking fear. U DO U bruh!



This thread is hilarious. (And thanks @ashley.benson.tait !)


@ashley.benson.tait Your comments are weirdly worded. I am not fear mongering. I’m simply asking if there is an emergency plan in place. I love Bubble and that’s why I support it fully.

I do not need to chill because I’m not in any heightened sense of concern. However as a responsible business owner, we must plan for all scenarios.


Hey @josh10,

If your business grows to a point of having sufficient value to hire multiple programmers, Then I suggest you have them clone your first draft of an MVP onto a broader, more stable platform. I think that’s not really a big deal at all!

I think this platform is an excellent place to rapidly iterate on business concepts. When it comes to any business seeking to achieve scale, they would certainly seek the robustness of a broader platform, able to leverage the technical expertise of a globally established workforce of established, educated, and certified computer science and database professionals.

Python much?

Thank you for perceiving my weirdness! 'Twere I normal, I should surely perish!

Humbly Submitted,

Ashley Benson Tait

ps. And no, I don’t think Emmanuel and the Bubble troup have a plan for what happens if their building is actually, litereally, physically blown up by the terrorists. Goodness Gracious. I know I was flinging my fingers about my keyboard willy nilly and being silly. Sincerest apologies Josh. I meant no offence, my unmet friend.

What are you building Josh? I’m working on Sammy: a digital friend, teacher, coach, therapist, universal work/study space. (can you tell I have no life? haha)


@ashley.benson.tait I can tell you are a good person and I’m not wanting to brush away your optimistic spirit.

I’m just working with student data that would be catastrophic if lost because I didn’t plan well for worst case scenarios. I do everything I can to make sure students and teachers don’t lose data because of something I overlooked. Sorry for seeming paranoid about the long shot scenario that started the thread.


@josh10 I think this is a legitimate concern.

As someone who used to work in financial services, I’m very aware of the uses of key person insurance. Seems like it would apply here along with other contingency plans.

Here’s to hoping they are taking proper business precautions and that we’ll all be part of a platform that will be capable of serving the needs of very successful, and resource intensive businesses for a long time to come.


Just another thought. I let my users download their data as csv files. So if they continue to back up their data that way then ultimately their important data is not really lost.

Also you can back up your own bubble app by downloading a JSON file of it. I’m sure someone will figure out how to convert it eventually if something ever happens to bubble.



You could backup the application data in any form on any external storage.

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Whole sports teams have been wiped out in airplane crashes.
Startups going on retreats to celebrate are quite common.

So @bubble no celebrating for you. Just work!

Nonetheless, the concern is valid. Succession planning is a thing.

New biz idea: Succession planning for startups. Startup Graveyard should pivot.


I agree. I guess I’ll develop a backup application on another service or architecture if we ever grow large enough for it to be a possibility.

Interesting point about the JSON. It might give me the ability to recover in a worst case scenario.

That JSON is more or less useless at the moment.

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