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What Is Causing Bubble To Crash?

I am constantly having to shut down all open Bubble windows and re-open the browser because of a slow loading script or other issue that causes bubble to crash if I don’t.

What is causing this?

It is extremely difficult to work like this and have to shut down the windows 4-5 times per hour.

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How much RAM do you have?

It definitely can be frustrating to have things crash. Though it’s hard to say what the issue may be with the amount of context you’ve provided. Could you provide a bit more information about your setup? (Ie. browser and version, system you’re using, background processes, things you’re doing prior to freeze/script, are crashes happening in the editor or preview).

Generally, things seem pretty stable for me. (When I have issues, it’s a result of me using an underpowered computer, many “re-tests” of functionality in preview mode, making a massive change (ie. deleting a large number of elements and associated workflows - but for that give the system time to process).

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try switching bowsers and see if the problem persists.

  • If you have a high number of issues needing fixing, try clearing out any backlog. Then see if the problem persists or also happens on pages where there are no flagged issues.

  • I’d recommend checking under the hood with your browser. (Any extensions you’re using that might cause issues, etc.)

  • If issues are happening in Preview, then make sure you’re not trying to load some massive amount of data when the page loads.

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Other users haven’t reported that, so if you could file a bug report what what you do exactly it’d be helpful to look into it. On my machine it works fine.

One of my machines (mac) was slow.

Same here on Google Chrome. I have task manager open by default and as soon as it creeps past 1000mb the browser becomes very slow, I have to end the task and load the editor again.

I used to think it was caused by a huge page I was working on, but it also happens on pages with a modest amount of elements.

Firefox seems to handle Bubble a bit better. Im on 1000mb pretty quickly, but the browser still works smoothly for the most part.

Google Chrome causes this type of issue for me. I’ve started to use Firefox instead.

Zero issues here. Most likely a RAM issue because I told my friend about Bubble and he has an old laptop and it was lagging.

The only issue I ever had was from a plugin.

I notice Bubble starts to chug a bit on my Macbook Pro, but that only has 8gb of RAM. My Windows desktop at home has 64gb, so no issues there :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have the same issues. Safari and chrome slows down and I have to restart thr browser. Seems like a ram issue.

Something has happened recently.

It all of the sudden has gotten significantly worse. I use Chrome. It does not matter which computer I am on it continously occurs.

I am running an I7 and 16 gigs DDR3 - ram isn’t the problem in my case. There is something creating the crash/hold up/slow loading script. It gets much worse when running and working with the responsive engine and settings.

I have isolated the issue to being the Responsive Engine (or at least the issue presents itself when using this feature and adjusting the responsive settings) - whether or not it is the culpret is impossible to tell. But hopefully this gives the Bubble team something to look into.

Another potential source: do you have multiple editors open for the same app within the same browser?

My brief insight is that multiple instances of one of my apps open within the same browser lead to performance issues. However, the issue doesn’t seem to compound when I’m using an unrelated app (ex. the forum app) and one of my own at the same time.

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No not really. Normally just the editor and the test-url to verify.

It ONLY bogs down and crashes when working in the Responsive mode.

Problem is it happens almost all the time. Sometimes 2-3 times every 10 minutes i’ve got to close all windows and open things up again.

I have see that on chrome also. I am on edge (anniversary update)

Edge is the best. It does not have any issues at all.

I seem to experience this every time I do a deployment to live. I have to restart the browser every time.

Using Chrome on Mac OS X

I have been noticing a increase in the crashing on my browsers as well. I am not running in responsive. It seems that when working in the same page you are ok, however going from page to page will quickly cause a slowdown and inevitable crash. Any updates as to what is causing this?

The only browser that currently works flawless seems to be Microsoft Edge.

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