Bubble keeps crashing


For about a week I’ve been experiencing some severe lagging and crashing issues for bubble websites specifically. Pages work for about 15 minutes before lagging, freezing and crashing.

I’ve tried Google’s tips for clearing cache, rebooting the computer, using incognito mode, etc. It continues to happen. My primary web browser is Chrome and I want to keep it that way so I have not tried other web browsers. However, my other web pages work just fine. Its only been bubble lately.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?

page unresponsive
cant open this page

How much RAM does your system have? This isn’t something I’ve encountered on anything except my iPad.

Hello Andrew

My laptop is maxed out 12GB. It has been for years. I’ve been developing on Bubble with this laptop for years. This is the first time I’ve ever encountered the issue.

While the laptop is a Lenovo T440 from approx 2015, I take good care of the computer. No gaming or anything. I also periodically wipe and reinstall the SSD every couple of years.

This just started happening about a week ago.

I recommend filing a bug report. There’s nothing in your setup or situation that seems out of the ordinary, so maybe something funky is going on!