What is the 3rd-party plugin approval process?

Continuing the discussion from Does Bubble test plugins:

Hello everyone. I am trying to find updated information about the approval process for 3rd-party plugins. The post quoted above is from April 2020 and states that

What is the current approval process? There doesn’t seem to be any information about this on the Publishing & Versioning page.

I am asking this question as a developer who will be using Bubble to build an app for a client, and I am trying to determine the reliability of the 3rd-party plugin ecosystem.

Thank you.

If you make the plugin “Private” because you are only going to use it in your own apps then it is not reviewed and it is immediatley approved. If you make it “Commercial” and charge a fee (either one time or per month) then they review it and it can take up to 48 hours is the longest I have ever waited. The only thing I was ever questioned about or asked to change in one was to double check that my keys for some api’s could be made public. So I am not sure how much they test the advertised functionality as compared to testing for security risks. I like the way they made their plugins and think that knowing how to use them is a necessity for serious bubble developers.