Delete lots of entries fast

I have 3k entries on a database which I want to clear. But, deleting just 50 takes 1-2 minutes for some reason. How can I delete every single entry fast?

Here’s my preferred method:

  1. Create an admin page on your app
  2. Add a button to “delete all entries”
  3. Add a workflow to the button that does a search for all entries and deletes them
  4. Test & Push live
  5. Click the button. Done.

Alternatives …

1.1) Create an API workflow that schedules the deletions on a list. Then run against the database with the editor using the “bulk” function.
1.2) Go and get a cup of tea

  1. Same as above, but with a button on an admin page. Delete 500 at a time.
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Thanks for the help!

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