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What is the simplest text link?

What is the simplest way to link to and back between two groups on a single page app, like this;

Home > Features
Features > Home

…ideally only using one workflow.

I show and hide groups based in a custom state index selectedso I navigate to a group using Show when Get selected from page URL is [group name], see image.

If I have two things in my workflow, one to ‘Go to page index > selected Features’ and one to ‘Go to page index > selected Home’, the workflow goes to ‘Features’ and back again instantly … so, I need to somehow go to features and stop.

I have been playing around with including a ‘key’ so that it goes from Home to Features but only comes back if a key is included. So far his isn’t working but am I on the right track?

I was able to solve your problem using options set, custom state and custom event.
I have two screen and two icons that displays the two screens when clicked
home screen
UI 1
Settings screen
UI 2

Step 1
I created an option set called navigate and added two options home and settings

Step 2
I created a custom event called toggle and add a parameter. This parameter called KEY had a data type of the options set navigate

Step 3
On this custom event workflow, I set a custom state called toggle, the data type was the options set is “navigate” and the value was the key from the custom event

Step 5
I then changed the type of content and data source of the parent group of the icon to be the options set for both icons

Step 6
on the icon click, I started a workflow that triggers the custom event navigate and passes the “home” or "settings " into the parameter KEY

Step 7
I then made the 2 groups “home” and “settings” invisible on page load and using the expression “1workflow toggle is home”, I made the group visible

Wow thanks @ritzygem13 that looks like it could work, I will try it out. I had a similar (although unrelated) question which I was going to post and that is how to do a breadcrumb for a single page app - I think your solution may be a good solution for that?

if you want to breadcrumb for a single-page app. you have to use Path

Thanks, this will be something I’ll have to look into.