What Is this Ugly-||| Nonsense?

You’ve GOT to be kidding me with this… is it April 1st?

Why, FFS, why?


THIS is the new demo app? Kill me. Kill me now.


@keith It’s the new Netscape Template :wink:



@keith hopefully it’s the placeholder while their new designer does the redesign… I mean it is a bit better than the old one.

Not better, @duke.severn… not better. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT FONT!

IE 11 forevah…

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That “coat of many colours” they have going on sure has a nice eighties feel… And the “fifty shades of grey” might be turning some people on :rofl:


I’d love to see bubble do something with transitions and stuff so text fades in or something and its clean and minimalist. I think covering the entire screen in rainbows and giant text isnt the way to go.

I think it’s actually better than the old one. Have you been removed as a moderator btw?


I think it is better tan the old one

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Who uses this bubble theme anyway… but it could be nicer for new users.

Now that’s what I call an unignorable post title.


Not a fan of this design but doesn’t bother me too much as I start with a blank slate everytime. I think the demo page should be bare-boned, similar to a wireframe style without color and images. Most users have a design in mind already when they are developing apps in bubble and don’t end up using any elements from the default bubble template.

I don’t get it. what’s so wrong? :s

I agree, terrible changes. And the worst part is they changed all the default settings of input elements, groups, etc. So like when you place a group now it’s got a white background for some reason. And the input boxes all have a weird typewriter font…it’s quite annoying.


Ha Ha. I’ve just seen this when setting up a new app for a client.

Yes, tbh it did remind me of this …


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You’re actually correct! This was put together by our new designer very quickly, as a transition point from our old preset template as we continue making changes to the editor, with the starting point of “anything is better than the old one”. :smiley:

Keep an eye on the editor and site for future design changes: I’ve seen what’s in the works, and I’m really excited about it, so I hope you guys get to see it soon!


Lol yes! Had to click the bait. Then saw it was just Keith being Keith…

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