What oauth challenges are you facing?

We are on a mission - solve oauth by building oauth focused plugins for the Bubble community using our OAuth platform (https://pathfix.com).

We’ve been working very closely with several Bubble users and have released FREE plugins for various use cases:

  1. SSO Login to 7 different providers
  2. Twitter OAuth Connector
  3. Slack Connector
  4. Quickbooks Connector

Each plugin handles the entire OAuth process including token management, visual element/UI + makes the relevant API calls and gives you actions you can work with immediately.

We want to continue building plugins that benefit the community and help you achieve integrated apps with the least amount of friction.

What challenges are you facing with oauth? Is there an oauth provider that’s particularly complex to work with?

Pathfix Team

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Instagram :slight_smile:

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Great! Any specific APIs you are looking at?

I was being cheeky. Instagram posting would be amazing, but they don’t let many people do it.

What would be really useful would be a magic link (via email) or magic code (via SMS) OAUTH.

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OAuth from a web wrapped native app. For example, a Bubble app wrapped with BDK or other wrappers cannot use Google OAuth. But it’s been suggested that deep linking or some technique may be used to direct the user from a wrapped app to a log in page and back to the app with a token. If this was implemented seamlessly in a plug-in that would be fantastic.

This has been one major block for wrapping my web app in a native app wrapper


This is good intel :grimacing:

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Hi @deadpoetnsp,

I actually already have a solution that won’t require any changes to bubble app, but haven’t made it available. Should be available in the next release. Do check out my post from a day earlier here regarding this point. If this is the only issue blocking you, let me know by DM we can build your app with the solution as an exception earlier than the next release as soon as I wrap up the testing on my end :smiley:



That’s amazing. I’ll review, and get back to you. I appreciate your getting in touch.

Etsy. Although I think they are close to an update with OAuth2 finally.

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