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What skills or backround is best to learn bubble?

Hi all, I am planning to hire a new member in my team, idea is to enroll them into a bubble bootcamp and teach them bubble, what background, qualifications should I look for ? Before I start looking, want to understand what kind of skills will be the best to learn Bubble quickest, should they know java, HTML, or should they be full stack or front end dev experience…etc etc

Honestly knowing a code language isn’t 100% necessary if they’re going to be using bubble but I’d say a basic understanding of html and css can be really good to get to elevate your build to the next level. I know personally in my builds I use custom css to create certain animations that I just can’t achieve with bubble itself.

Apart from that I’d say it all depends on what type of job your looking for. Having experience in web design and development will be useful because they’ll have a understanding of how websites work in general but really being able to learn quickly and take in new information is the biggest thing imo.

While bootcamps can be super useful, you’re always going to run into new issues that weren’t covered (you can’t cover every single issue) and being able to learn from them, work around them and move forward quickly and independently is invaluable.

At the end of the day if you want custom features that bubble or current plugins don’t provide then they’re going to need to know java and have an understanding of APIs to implement those features you’re looking for. It’s all dependant on the task at hand.

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I would submit that you look for self-taught skills. Make sure that person taught himself/herself something. Whatever that competency is it does not matter. It could be cooking, carpentry, a digital tool, …. :grinning:

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It’s good if they know java and HTML but it’s not a necessity.

Agree, some knowledge of at least basic html,css,js is nice, but more importantly an ability to sit still and learn something from scratch. Also, one of the big one is abstraction ability, i.e. understanding of what, when, how without seeing or understanding the physical object (like code).

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