As a newbie with no coding experience, what helped accelerate your proficiency the most?

I’m about 4-5 days into the journey. I probably an unusual newbie here with bubble. I’m nearing retirement as a VP at a private equity firm. I started out as a network engineer but never learned to code. I could create basic unix scripts back in the day but never found a framework that didn’t kick my butt with setup issues. But anyway, I always wanted to be able to rapidly create web apps. Maybe bubble isn’t the best platform for that but it seems to be very well thought out. I have 2-3 startup ideas which I think have merit based on evaluating startups well past Series A + B. So I want to dabble in building my own prototypes. Partly too, I believe in starting new activities to keep one’s brain sharp.

Anyway, my question for any and all is what helped you gain proficiency with bubble rapidly? What resources helped you the most? I’ve bought a couple classes on Udemy and I’ve been watching all of Bubble’s videos (pretty good). But I do get stuck sometimes just going through the simple tutorials—the videos sometimes skip the exact place someone clicked to get to a particular area in the editor. I am very intrigued about hiring a coach but who do you recommend and why? Do you recommend any of the templates? Canvas seems cool but I already ran into some weird anamoly that didn’t follow the tutorials/instructions for setup. So kind of frustrating.

Anyway, just wondering if I could create a thread here that other newbies might refer to in the future to gain some rapid progress. Thanks for all replies. Happy also too to discuss my day job if anyone ever has any curiosity about that.


Welcome to Bubble Bmur!

To answer your question, I would say you should check out Bubble’s bootcamps for one. Since they built the platform, I reckon learning from them is the best way to start.

  1. @gregjohnkeegan’s Buildcamp also has some really awesome courses where you build along with him so I highly recommend that too.

  2. Airdev also has a bootcamp programme that you can apply for where they teach you Bubble from scratch. They also teach you Canvas and how to configure APIs and such. It’s free to participate but they only take in a few people at a time. Keep an eye on posts by @kevin12 for when the next applications open.

Lastly, YouTube and the Bubble Manual helped me a lot when I was still starting. Hopefully this will be of help. And yes, I’d love to ask more about your Day job. Sounds super fascinating!


Thanks for the recommendation :grinning:

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There’s some great youtube videos, the forum is a great resource - if you can find a good template sometimes that’s a great place to start as you can learn backwards (as in seeing something built and deconstructing)

@boston85719 is a great coach and really supercharged my bubble journey, as well as lots of googling :slight_smile:

@gregjohnkeegan buildcamp videos are definitely a great resource :slight_smile:


Thanks so much. Appreciate it!

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Thanks. Canvas is one system I was curious about. Good to know they have a bootcamp.

Thank you so much for these recommendations!


Oh amazing this makes sense. Thanks so much! Quite useful advice, interesting information that you have provided and it seems to me in life it is very important to understand how to improve your professional qualifications, if you are a beginner and are just trying to do a new business. At I I recently read very interesting essays about life in general and how vital it is to feel professionally comfortable, to do the business that you really like and that brings you money.

Personally I start with the crash course, then instantly get into real projects. I believe learning by doing so this is the most solid way.

Reading free templates and plugins will give you a lot of inspiration as well.

The forum is good place to go to whenever you have question. You can find solutions most of the time.

Bubble is still rising so it is normal if you are the first to encounter questions without a good solution. Keep it up and the community will grow with time!