What specific API do I need to integrate Mailchimp to send data password reset?


Can I integrate Mailchimp to send data password reset?

And what steps do I need to follow to set it up?

Are you talking about using Mailchimp to send an email to a Bubble User so they can reset their password?

There is a “send password reset email” action in Bubble. Use that and then click the checkbox: “just make token, don’t send email” and then send that to your user


Thank you for your advice, I don’t really understand what a token does but will this solve this problem? I have attached a screenshot of the reset email password the user gets with bubble’s address

Your problem is unclear. You want to change the sender’s email?

I don’t want the user to see ‘just-trying3-no-reply@bubbleapps.io’ it doesn’t look proffessional but if the token will solve this problem it will be great, I don’t mind how the user will reset the password as long as they don’t see that email address.

I suggested the token because I thought you had a different problem. You need to change your email settings and set up your domain. Look at the bubble manual for help with that.

I have set up my domain, this is why I want to integrate the mailchimp plugin, sensgrid won’t allow me to open an account with them for some reason. I asked bubble support team about mailchimp and they told me this:

‘It may be possible to send data (password reset, for example) using Mailchimp however, whether Mailchimp can integrate in this way will depend on the specific API. We recommend that you first review the Mailchimp external documentation’

I don’t understand much about api’s, do you have any idea whether mailchimp can integrate in that way? And if you do could you let me know the steps?

Are you sending transactional mail through Mandrill, Mailchimp’s transactional email product?

Yes, that is what I want to do, It seems passwords reset emails and notifications are possible to do with mailchimp, do you know any tutorial on how to set it up?

Use their API with the Bubble API Connector

Thank you, I will try :+1:

I think I don’t need to use an api connector, I think I am almost there, if anyone could tell me what to do now I’ll be very thankful,

Maybe I will need the api connector afterall, I don’t know.

That’s not using Mailchimp.

I realised that is not the way, so do you think is through the api connector? Do you know of any tutorial which could help me trying to achieve what I want to achieve? I would have done it with sensgrid but for some unknow reason they don’t let me open an account.