API Reset Password

Hi there!
I’m using Bubble API with my custom js app.
I want to implement ‘reset password functionality’.
After triggering ‘Send password reset Email)’ by the API I get email with link to reset_pw page
But in my app I do not have such a page
What I need to do next?

Look for a page called reset (made by Bubble)

I don’t need this page in my app.
Can I reset password just by API call from my custom (not bubble) web app?

Post to Postman and GET from Bubble. Then use a Workflow.

@nocodeventure, how?
What I need to send with POST and what I need to get with GET?
For now I use POST /my_endpoint with email param where I trigger Send password reset Email for this email.
After that I just got the link with /reset_pw?reset=1561322545048x78872411121212121 on this mail. How can I use this param for making the request for reset password?

You want to trigger an API Endpoint to schedule workflows for the Password Reset. So you need to Post to Bubble and GET with the API Endpoint.

Simply redirect the page where you need to (with the first workflow). You need a page to enter a new password, right? or as @nocodeventure said, open a api workflow, and make the password change with the use of a workflow with “update the user credential”.