What this means?

Can anyone please tell me, what this means?

Screenshot 2024-03-28 161732

@zamadshakil good question… I’ve never seen that before…

What do workflows have to do with a database search?


I am using a Team plan,
That is not a workflow, This is a dropdown with dynamic values.

Greetings, and thanks for pointing this out!

We have an exciting announcement coming out soon related to this, but in this particular case it is actually a bug that we are working on fixing now, as it shouldn’t show up in most actions. You can safely ignore this for now, and shouldn’t expect any behavioral change in run mode.

Here is the relevant announcement. Essentially we’re being a bit more explicit with limitations on searches and ability to work on large amounts of data. We have re-worded this message to be more clear:

This has always been a limit with sorted searches, it was just hidden before


Tanks for clearing my doubt,

Not sure if you got notified, but I updated the post I made with some more clarity!

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A new update showing workload units used vs more efficient ways to do the same action would be amazing.