What if I don't want to send data to a page when navigating to it

I have a stack of bubble issues image bc for X/Y reason i’m supposed to send data to the new page the user is going to.


What if i don’t want to send data to the new page the user is navigating to? How can I prevent getting so many issues

The page you’re navigating to has a “Type of Content” set to it in the property editor. Open the property editor for the page and remove the Type of Content. This will remove the requirement that data needs to be sent to it and clear your issues.

Of course, if you ARE using references to “Current Page’s Thing” on that page, then you need to re-think either the navigation structure or those references because removing the Type of Content will just create a different list of issues.


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(big fan of your youtube videos by the way!)

The page the user is being taken to is type “search values”. Search values is not in this list.

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