What triggers the refresh bar to show ("We just updated this page" banner)

The grey bar “We just updated this page. Please refresh the page to get the latest version. You will not be able to use the app until you refresh.” that shows at the top after you make an edit to your design for instance, seems to appear unexpectedly.

Is there an comprehensive list of all the types of changes that would trigger it to show?

I haven’t been able to find documentation on the topic.

Any deploy of your changes into Production will cause this alert

(or any immediate changes in Test mode)

Thanks for the replies. I should have clarified that I was particularly curious about what could cause this bar to show on /version-test.

For the production/live environment it’s somewhat clear:

  • press “deploy to live” and it’ll show
  • don’t press this button and it won’t show…

For the dev env (/version-test) it’s not that clear (to me at least):

  • change something in design and it’ll show
  • change a workflow and it’ll show
  • change something related to the data structure and it’ll show
  • change the data itself and it won’t show
  • change an option set and it’ll show
  • what about plugins?
  • and settings?

The reason I’m asking is that the bar seems to show at random times, when I’m pretty I haven’t changed anything.

Alternatively is it possible to see some kind of log or history of the changes that would have triggered that?

And it should not because it will be impossible to work with Bubble apps :slight_smile:

Sometimes (pretty rare but happens) I have refresh bar in my /version-test also even I hadn’t changed anything. Not sure if that’s a bug or the result of Bubble rolling-out their releases behind the scene.

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Because the database is independent of the application version. Think about it, when you make changes to a thing in any mode it doesn’t refresh the entire app - it’s the same in the data editor.

Changing basically anything else triggers a refresh.

Because these (and everything else you mentioned) are part of the app, not the database.

Thanks guys. I think the principles of what should or should not trigger that bar to show are fairly clear to me.

I was hoping to uncover something more because on our side this seems to show almost on a daily basis and sometimes multiple times per day even when without us touching anything…

I hope it’s those releases that @artemzheg pointed out. But it doesn’t feel pretty rare to me…

Not sure about my theory anymore. Today I faced refresh bar when nothing has been released at that time by Bubble and didn’t have a refresh bar when Internal fix appeared in the release log :slight_smile:

Ha! The plot thickens…