Phantom refresh requests

Anyone else getting phantom ‘refresh app’ bars on their production app without deploying an update? Been getting these for weeks now. Just wanted to gather intel before submitting a support ticket. My app sits behind 2FA on dedicated.

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Yes, I have seen that happen. I’ve assumed that when this happens its some sort of essential platform update that’s being pushed or perhaps ones app being restored after some sort of infrastructure problem fix. (Slightly surprised to hear of this happening on a dedicated instance.)

Specifically in my case, around the time of the recent outages on the shared cluster, I was doing a lot of work in Development but not yet pushing any changes to Live. However, I noticed that my Live app (in one case a couple of times in one day) had the “We’ve updated the app” notification on it. However, my own deployment history showed that my last push to Live had been something like 3 or 4 days in the past.

(I believe I noted this behavior as a side-note in a post here sometime in the past week. It would be interesting to know what Bubble is doing when those “phantom” refreshes happen, eh?)

Is this on runmode without an editor open?

The production (live) site. I mostly notice it when I’m developing so yes my editor would be open but that shouldn’t be making changes to the production site.

I don’t want to bother my customers with more refresh bars than I need too so it’s a bit of a problem.

FWIW, in my case (described above in reply to @gregjohnkeegan) I did have the editor open. @neerja are you implying that, if one sees this behavior, it’s not actually happening to users of the Live site… that it’s just happening as a side effect of edit mode? (And, hence, only observed by me, the editor?)

There’s two types of Bubble updates: ‘light immediate fix (no warning icon)’ and ‘major fix’ (with notification gift). Both are affecting users experience according to my observation. Question, light update on dedicated server too?

@gregjohnkeegan We have occasionally seen main cluster users reporting the refresh banner when they have an editor open even if they are not actively making changes. This is separate from the platform updates which can happen on a rolling basis on the main cluster and in rare cases gives the banner. This should not be an issue on a dedicated cluster, so please submit a bug report if you are seeing this on a recurring basis.

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Thanks @neerja I’ll start noting down occurring times and send that along with a bug report.

Checked with our dev team and this might be related to this behavior: Editor Super Slow - Anyone Else? - Edited - Bubble Has Reached Out

We are investigating.