What volume of email sent in an hour / Bubble limits?

HI everyone,

In the situation where I would want all my contact to know about my new webstite…or… later let all my website members subscribed to a newsletter:
Question :
How many email can I send - in a sequence - that is, digging in the database to send a similar message to all - 1 )without risking gmail (as an example) to mark those msg as Spam or block me from using a gmail account ?

    1. Whats Bubble service recommendation about that ?

Ps : not planing on sending bulk emails but willing to know how many I could possibly send at once successfully according to all actors in the chain.

I know I could also deliver a mesg from the DB to all final users through the app, but I m wondering about emailing - lets say - potential contact I have to let them know about the App.

Anyone experienced that on some project ?

Email is sent using SendGrid in vanilla bubble. Your SendGrid account controls your various limits.

Here’s a link to Bubble’s documentation on SendGrid.

Essentially, SendGrid functions as a relay for all of your app’s email. So, that way it is processed in such a way where it is less likely to not be delivered / marked as spam.

Bubble lets you ride on their SendGrid plan for sending basic (non templated) emails. (Not sure of any limits). But in most situations, you’d likely be on a Bubble paid plan by the time you want to do that and would also want to upgrade to your own paid SendGrid plan.

Alternatively, you can manage campaigns outside of Bubble using a tool like Mailchimp. (And use Bubble to make updates to your newsletter lists).

Ok, thanks a lot for the tip.
By “template emails”…
…Would adding a button in an email such as “I accept” with some related code, be considered as a template ?

Templates, as it relates to SendGrid, is the “little something extra” pre-defined formatting of emails.

For example, the transactional emails from Bubble (as a company) to you (as a Bubble user) have a logo at the top, a bunch of social media links, etc at the bottom. This is all pre-programmed as part of a SendGrid template. But the content in the middle is dynamic (ie. details of an invoice, general platform update, etc).

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