When importing data to the database, possible to set creator, created date to match CSV?

Hi all,

I am working on a feature that allows the user to upload historic data via CSV upload. The date of creation is important here, so I want to set “created date” to a certain date in the past (included in the CSV). I know that I can’t map directly to the Created Date field, but is there any way to change it one time?

The only other option as far as I see it is to add another field to all of my data points. This will involve me having to go back and set this field for every existing datapoint, and alter countless data sources within my app that reference created date to make them reference a new date. Would adding this new field have a material impact on my apps database? Would it make it slower or much larger in any case?

If the Upload of the data is caused by the action of a user while they are logged in and using the app then it will use them for the Creator field. There is no way to alter the Creator or Creation Date fields. Those fields are only changed on “creation” by Bubble. I don’t think adding a new field to track the origination date of data from outside of Bubble’s creation date would slow down or hinder the production of your site.