Cannot import Creator or Creation Date - Why?

So just want to import data into one of the tables in the backend to pre-populate site.

When importing a .csv file with a thing with a creator and a creation date, the csv file shows ‘ignore this column’ for these 2 fields and these fields do not appear in the import drop down fields.

Is there anyway to get around this? Since a thing must have a creator (email address of imported user), it looks like I would have to manually create every single thing from the front end instead, is this correct? And if this is so, upload .csv data is basically useless?? So I guess I must be doing something wrong since that is unlikely to be the case…

My understanding is that when you load data from the backend (i.e. uploading .csv files), the “created date” is automatically populated and the “created by” field is blank. I don’t believe there is a way around this, as these are bubble system fields.

When importing historic data (i.e. you are trying to show original “create date” and “created by” fields from another app, the best work-around I’ve found is to just create two new fields in your Bubble table (type). After all your data is imported, you can then have a simple workflow on the front end to have your two new fields equal the system fields for new records.

Not perfect, but hope that helps,

Ok, thanks for your method. Created date not such a worry but the created by field cannot be populated from the front end after the thing is created and there are many unique ‘created by’. So I think what I will need to do is create just the primary key field for the thing from the front end as that user using ‘run as User’ and then all the other fields can be imported in the backend for that thing. I get why ‘created by’ would not be able to be manipulated but it is painful when trying to pre-populate a site…:slight_smile:

I’m having issues with this too. I copied my data from my live site to my development site so that I could troubleshoot some bugs, but it did not copy over the CREATED BY info on the records, so now none of my data is associated with a user (which for me, means I have no data to test and will have to manually recreate the data just so I can have the CREATED BY field populated. Ugh.).