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Where is the Dropbox integration/plugin?

Forgive me if I’m missing something, but this page - - states that it lists all the current integrations with Bubble. In particular, I noticed that there is a Dropbox integration. Could you share where this is? I’ve not seen this anywhere. It would be so incredible if this were available.

it is via the Blockspring plugin.

Sadly, Blockspring is now a paid only service. And not everything works with Bubble.

You might also look at the Zapier integration with Dropbox. It isn’t as comprehensive, but it is at least free and works well.


That’s a little misleading; looks on the page like it’s a native integration. And if you have to pay for Blockspring that’s a bummer, too.

No it’s through Blockspring currently.

Unfortunately Blockspring canceled its free plan 1-2 weeks ago. But have a try with Zapier, maybe it can work out fine while you build your app.

Its very common to me to feel blocked by something that is not totally integrated, then I frown and go to my next feature in my app building list. After that most times I’m surprised in 2 ways: while I build the new feature I learn something new or read about it in forums that helps me to do what I wanted, or a new feature is released (multi sorting was one that I was very interested that was released this week). Cheers.

Sorry it took so long to reply to this @csfalcao.

I know I’'ll sound like I’m just focusing too much on the issue, but I do believe this is a blocking functionality. Direct uploading is provided for the Bubble instraftructure, for Box, and also for Amazon AWS. I need to be able to this same type of uploading to Dropbox. While I am getting around via an API I created, it is certainly a hack that I am utilizing. Considering it is lauded as a direct integration on the plugins page, independent from Blockspring, and not provided as a direct service, it’s also a problem with communication and clarity. Sorry to be so particular on this one, but this is quite a requirement for my apps.


It’s a fair statement. Those storage services are key to a lot of apps.

Don’t worry about the response time :wink:

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