Where to find Beta Testers?

Does anyone have a good suggestion on where to get some Beta testers? I’m getting ready to launch my first app using Bubble but think it’d be wise to get some user feedback. If any of you would like to test it out, let me know. Would help if you’re active on TikTok.

Let’s do it!

:slight_smile: Love the enthusiasm. You can check it out at www.ontoptalk.com. I’ve added in Crisp for feedback, the chat icon at the bottom right. Would love to hear feedback, thoughts, bugs, ideas, anything.

You need a better ui for the landing

Mind sending me a couple photos of what you’re seeing?

Some of it was intentionally bad, but anything you find especially offensive?

Thanks Kev, this is super helpful.

It’s a good start, like mentioned above you need to fine tune the UI, it’s all over the place on my screen. Some good effort using Bubble though :slight_smile:.

I think honest feedback is important and my opinion is it’s lacking, I wouldn’t say you’re in beta now. No search ability, only 5 videos, no menus, no explanation of what your site is; I haven’t the life of me what TopTalk is from being on your site. Your site address is: https://www.ontoptalk.com/index/1609263851964x987847673251411500, that needs changing. At the bottom your copyright is 2021, we’re in 2020. Make the year dynamic and choose “current date/time:formatted to year” to keep it up to date. There’s nothing really to test. I can’t do anything on it. I tried to create an account, nothing happens. I think your main issue right now is that it’s all over the shop, text too close together or too far apart, the footer not centered, buttons in the wrong places, text is the wrong places. I’ve attached screenshots below.

That said, it’s got potential, and it just needs some fine tuning and some thought in to what a user will think when they go on your site. You need to guide your user down a road and make them understand the steps they’re taking. Explain what you are when they first come on your site, chuck a few menus up the top so we can click to find out more about TopTalk if the first page didn’t help us, tell us why we need you, and why you deserve our time as a new user to your site. You’re being influenced by TikTok’s website that’s valued at 50 billion and is a MOBILE app. If you’re planning to be 100% app based, you’d get away with a TikTok type website, but I don’t know what your plans are.

Hope that helps and is constructive! :slight_smile: , look forward to seeing your site in the near future, it has potential :slight_smile:

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Hey @tzuork and @anon91833042 , sorry for the late response. I wanted to thank you for the feedback. I’ve gone ahead and made some changes based on what you said. The biggest thing bugging me on responsiveness is I’ve got a repeating comment group that when has no data is creating a lot of white space, specifically visible on mobile.

I think now I’ve got to get some users, which will make the product easier to understand.

You will need to sort your responsiveness out still before you go get users. This is what your website looks like on mobile:

I think you’re wasting so much space at the side with those over larger buttons, they could be much better placed too. You need to make everything come together better, it’s far too spaced out. You’re also cutting off a percentage of the actual tik tok videos, your arrow buttons aren’t level with your videos, your add comment button is doing its own thing doesn’t look connected to each post, and your footer needs to better placed.

Note: you don’t have to take my advice on board just giving feedback :slight_smile:

Okay, should be a little better now. (There are so many things to tweak!).

I can’t do much about the TikTok video being cutoff because the embed has a default width. I think I’m happy with most everything except the extra whitespace below the footer on desktop. Can’t seem to sort that out so far.

You can change the embedded default width easily enough :slight_smile:

You’ll continually improve the design of the app as you go, so as long as you’re happy then it’s time to see what the world thinks! :slight_smile: