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Which search method is faster

I’m tracking assets owned by different companies.

Each asset has a unique “readable” ID (ex: ET3K).

Would searching for an asset be faster if I added a unique company ID (ex: AF4-ET3K) and constrain the search to assets within a particular company vs searching the entire database using the asset ID?

Do you just want to return one asset or do you want to return a list of assets for a particular company?

If you want just one asset then search by the constraint that will return that single record.

If you want to search for a list of company assets then yes, add a field on the asset type linking it to the right company.

I’d be more inclined to have a company data type and link that to the asset data type rather than a text field with a company ID.

I’m looking to return a single asset.

My thought was that if the search was constrained to a particular company’s assets it would be quicker because bubble needs to only search through that company’s assets vs the whole database.

Doesn’t it still need to search through the entire database to bring back the assets with a company constraint?