"White Screen of Death" on Native Android (BDK)

We’re in the late stages or releasing an app to both App Store and Play Store. Both are fully wrapped in BDK, uploaded to the stores and we’re testing internally.

The issue is an inconsistent appearance of “white screen of death” only on Android. When navigating the app, it will animate all of the groups as intended, then all of a sudden, as if the animations break mid process, it will display a blank screen, with no elements visible. It’s important to note that the elements are still clickable, if you know where to tap on the screen. There is no way to reproduce it consistently, sometimes it doesn’t happen in 50 actions, sometimes, it will happen 3 out of 10 actions. It does not happen on iOS.

Has anyone faced this issue? Is it CSS, it is animations? What was the resolution?

Any feedback is welcome, thank you.


I’ve only gotten this white screen when I have more than one, “remove loading” workflow.

Besides that, it happens pretty rarely to the point where it’s not really the biggest issue for me ig.


Thank you for the response. You might be onto something here. I just removed the main BN - Remove loading on the app page and ran through approximately 300 transitions without one white screen in Dev, which has not happened before.

I tried clearing the CSS, removing animations, removing JS resizing, etc. Nothing was helping.

I’ll keep testing and report back.

Confirmed after 6 weeks of testing, no white screen after removing the “remove loading” workflow.

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Hi @greenacornstudios I have ran into the same issue:( white screen of death only happens to the login/index page where the bn remove workflow is added. Is the issue with preview or does it happen in a deployed version as well?

Works great without the bn remove workflow however If the bn remove workflow is removed I noticed that the android loading animation seem to get stuck at times.

Where you guys able to solve for this and if so how?

This Remove BN should only be triggered once, check it out if there isn’t any other “remove bn” workflow

yep only see one trigger

According to @gaurav, your BN - Remove loading action must be in a workflow on its own. So create one When Page is loaded just for that, and another for the rest of your actions.

Another thing that may trigger the white screen of the death is the “change status bar color” with an empty color (at least before an update, now I don’t know)
In my app I added a status in my index with the color code, and when I change the color bar I get this value (index’s statuscolor)

I’m having this issue now. I only have remove loading once per page as its own workflow when page is loaded. I do not have a change status bar color.

When I disable the bn remove loading on page load I no longer have the white screen issue.

Do I really need the remove loading on page load?

If you don’t have a “remove loading” the user will keep seeing the loading gif till it’s pressed… that’s a problem because not everybody does that.

Hey guys,

I am facing the same issue. My login page opens perfectly find and I am able to navigate to home page after logging in. On the home page I have shown/collapsed groups using parameters, and I get a plain white screen upon any navigations. Was anyone able to solve this issue?