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White screen on wrapped mobile app on iOS

Hello there

I have encountered an issue with my wrapped mobile app on iOS ever since I launched. The app works fine while in use but if the user switches apps and leaves it for a few hours it will show a white screen once opened again. The only way to solve this is to completely close the app and re-open it. No idea if this is also happening on Android as I have an iPhone (although I can ask a friend with an Android about this). Just wondering if anyone has also encountered this and (better yet) resolved it and can help me out! I have asked my wrapping service provider but they can’t see any issue on their end.


Clare (Zebrahood)

hey airbabble, the white screen issue is with andriod as well, its practically the load time and even i am facing the same issue as bubble apps are wrapped using webview
if there is a possibilty that the white screen can atleast have a logo of your app or something so that the UX feels better

Hey there, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I have no control over the white screen so I am unable to add my logo. Have you managed to find a solution that prevents this happening? Thanks