White screen on wrapped mobile app on iOS

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I have encountered an issue with my wrapped mobile app on iOS ever since I launched. The app works fine while in use but if the user switches apps and leaves it for a few hours it will show a white screen once opened again. The only way to solve this is to completely close the app and re-open it. No idea if this is also happening on Android as I have an iPhone (although I can ask a friend with an Android about this). Just wondering if anyone has also encountered this and (better yet) resolved it and can help me out! I have asked my wrapping service provider but they can’t see any issue on their end.


Clare (Zebrahood)

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hey airbabble, the white screen issue is with andriod as well, its practically the load time and even i am facing the same issue as bubble apps are wrapped using webview
if there is a possibilty that the white screen can atleast have a logo of your app or something so that the UX feels better

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Hey there, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I have no control over the white screen so I am unable to add my logo. Have you managed to find a solution that prevents this happening? Thanks

Same issue here. Actually it does not seem to be the load time as it remains blanks even after a while. It looks more like a kind of log-out.

Hi Olivier, I have actually solved this issue. I did it by generating a new version number for the app and for some reason this worked!

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Hi Airbabble, do you have more info?

Thanks mate. The problem was within the Codeless Academy plugin. They solved it and now it is working fine. :slight_smile:

More info on the version number? No, I have no idea why this worked - it just did!

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