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White space on right side of page - after deployment


Quick question. Noticed that we had white space on each webpage. As in a ton of white space and not sure why?

Any help is appreciated. (on the bottom you can move the webpage to the right)


I’m not seeing any white space. Checking on latest version of Chrome, tried it at several resolutions.

check the page size… and then look for elements that are on the page, but with nothing in them…

Okay, because there is a scroll bar on the bottom that can allow me to scroll towards white space, plus on my Mac if I use 2 fingers to scroll down it sometimes goes into the white space on the right.

Maybe I need to refresh my own browsers.

Thanks will do @lonetour.

there is a huge white space, for sure!!!

and it’s on every page too… did you copy each page to make the next one??

Sure did… didnt notice till after – I have no idea how it got like this.

In the tool bar at the top of the page, use the Element drop down to highlight each element (a red box shows round the elements as you go down the list). start on the first page you made and you’ll find it…

@lonetour, okay thanks appreciate it… will look for the problem child.

@lonetour i found the problem… it was element that was 8000 wide and hidden… I feel dumb. Thanks for helping me out.

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we’re all dumb bubblers…

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When I look at the link you left above, I still see the white-space issue you described.
I have the exact same problem and cannot get rid of it. I’ve spent days trying to find a hidden element, but cannot find anything.

Also, for over two weeks now my website is not able to be viewed on some browsers. I contacted support about this issue and they have still not been able to resolve it. I really want to launch/market my website and am basically “stuck in the mud”.
I’ve already begun creating a new version of my website, but this time coding it in Visual Studio. If I finish my coded version before bubble resolves my browser-incompatibility issue, then I will have to scrap this project in Bubble and look at doing my next website/program in Bubble.

Here is a screenshot of your website as it looks now on firefox 45.0.2…