Who want's their app turned into MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android app? - £75

Hi guys!

I am offering a new service to a handful of people.

If you want to offer your customers/users/clients a native downloadable app (with an app icon) version of their Bubble app let me know! I can convert your app into a Mac OS, Windows or even Linux application and give you the install package. Great for people building their own version or Slack, Spotify or something that can offer a desktop version!

Alternatively, if you made your app in Bubble to be mobile responsive or as a native app, I can process that to iOS or Android so you can submit it to the app stores!

I’ll even design you an app icon and include that!

Trialling this as a new service so only charging £75 for the app on one platform and icon. Other platforms are £50 each.

This will actually be an app that can sit in your dock (if you are on mac) or installed on Windows, it is not just a link to your website.

First few people drop me a message!




Can the app do macOS notifications?

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Good question! If you use OneSignal and set up the correct authorisation/signatures, I believe so. Can try it and if not I’ll give you a refund :slight_smile:

Correct, but that is the same for all Bubble apps

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Nice, we implemented this desktop wrapper for a client recently using : https://desktop.appmaker.xyz

It’s free, Have fun!


Awesome! I’m offering a value added done for you solution, inc the icon design, formatting so it looks nice in the dock, testing the app works and delivery with clear instructions as well! :slight_smile:

Hi - could you manage to create PWA, progressive web app concept on aexisting apps? Thanks

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I’ll PM you!

PM means…post mortem? haha, no joke, I really dont know what PM means here…;))

Click on the user, then the blue message button.

Person Message.

I think it means Private Message.


can you deploy a PWA out of the box, with all the adjustments in the service worker? thank you…:wink:

Hi @meinharttv

We’ve played a bit with PWA. One interesting resource, for others also interested by PWA, is

From there, for free again, you can create and adjust simple to mid complex manifests and service workers for PWA.

Enjoy :wink:


Cool, thank you!

You are correct, Private Message. :smiley:

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About these wrappers…
Just tried this in my app and it worked beautifully!
Many thanks @mattmazzega !!!
I’m no internet genius, but I guess these wrappers are browsers that access our bubbles apps, right?
In this case, should we worry about data traffic over these unknown browsers?
Also, will the updates to our bubble apps automatically work on the desktop app or is it necessary to create a new one for every update?

Hi @di_lucena

You’re right, in a way it’s desktop app that are basically browsers. Basically, the same privacy rules applies over your app in a classic browser or in this wrapper.

And, when you update your bubble app, it will of course “applies” automatically to the wrapped app as it use the initial app url.

Have fun :wink:

Hi Reece,

Im interested in your offering, im down to getting a QR code scanner to work on an android APK file and also getting on signal configured on my bubble app, can you help ? please also send me your skype handle…