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Why all my data are in ONE line?

Hello all. I have a list of selected item in repeating group with a “save” button. The workflow is: when I click on “save” button, the selected items from the repeating group are saved in the database (Create a new thing). The problem is datas are not in separate lines in the database. All the information is one row and line. How can I fix?

I want to gather the information in separate line and rows.
Can anyone help please?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@ulrich_00132 Is your issue similar to this one:

@neerja Yes, it’s similar to my issue. I think it’s the same. But even I follow the tutorial, it does’nt work perfectly.

My API workflow

My “Save” button workflow

I don’t know why but it’s like my databas is a repeating group with the same and repeating data in each line

What I did wrong? Can you help please?
Thank you very much.

I verified again and it doesn’t work at all. All the the data in my database is wrong. e.g: it’s like if I add “orange juice” in my repeating group and save it in the database. The information saved is “Cheese burger”. I don’t know why? I’m stuck :frowning:

@ulrich_00132 Please share a test app with this workflow


Since I deleted all the data gathered in my database. It’s impossible to save data.

@neerja Hi. Is there any solution? Thanks for your help :slight_smile: