Why am I getting restricted on my stripe connected accounts

I am trying to add customers as seller , and every time I call that action ‘register the user as a seller’ in my app, I can see it appear in my stripe dashboard > connected accounts. but the problem is that the status appears as restricted. when i hovered on the ‘restricted’, I get this details:

The account owner needs to provide more information to Stripe to enable payments and payouts on this account.
Bank account or debit card
Business website
Product description
Terms of service acceptance
Additional missing data

so now am confused, is it my own stripe account that needs more information or the user am trying to register as a seller. and if it is the user, how do I add this information using the bubble stripe plugin.
PS: am running a test version of stripe payment
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It will be the connected account that needs to provide more info

Whenever a user signs up as a Stripe seller and creates a connected account, they need to verify their account before it will be activated by Stripe so they can receive payouts. Depending on which country they are in there are different requirements for account activation and ID.

So (assuming your account is already approved and verified) it’s the users who need to confirm/verify their Stripe accounts.

This should be done as part of the onboarding process, and can be done in their Stripe dashboard (either the regular or Express dashboard, depending on which version you’re using).

I’m not sure how it works with the Bubble Stripe plugin (I don’t use it) but it’s best to have some kind of reminder set up, and a link from within your app to their Stripe dashboard, in case they don’t complete the account verification during the onboarding process (although I expect that Stripe will likely send them an email reminder after the create their account - although I’m not certain about that).

It can also be a good idea to send your own reminder email after a set timeframe if they haven’t verified their Stripe account (but I don’t think you can do that with the Bubble plugin).

Thanks, from what I observed, the ‘restricted’ seem to be showing because i am using test version. The restricted status doesnt hold back the user from being registered as a seller.

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That’s right, they can still be registered as a seller, but they won’t be able to receive payouts until their accounts are verified.

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does that mean that even though the restricted status is showing, we can go ahead and test payouts?