Why am i unable to add condition logic for this button?


I have added a condition that shows a button only when a few conditions are met. Now i want to add a few more condition and i am unable to figure it out why i cannot add more condition. Below is the screenshot of the button. There are only 2 conditions for my button

Is there not a big button just below the bottom of your screenshot saying “+ Define Another Condition”?

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Hi there, @j113… are you talking about adding a new condition? If so, it looks like the Define another condition button is cut off at the bottom of your screenshot. If you are talking about changing more properties when the condition you are showing is true, the dropdown to do that is right there on the screen. Finally, if you are talking about adding more conditions to the expression you are showing, you should be able to click on the last condition in the expression in order to get the More option to appear.


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