How do I set conditions to enable a button?

Hello everyone. My name is Thales and this is my first time building an App here on Bubble (or anywhere). I’m trying to set some conditions to Enable a button but couldn’t find a way to do it.

On this screen, there are 4 sets of radio buttons from 1 to 4 each:

There’s also a button which was only supposed to be clickable if in one of the sets the number 1 is marked, in another number 2, in another number 3 and finally number 4.

Each sentence has to be marked and the numbers need to be different for each sentence.

Can someone give me a direction on how to do that?

Thanks so much in advance

Hi @anon16767833,

To set a condition on an element , you can set it from the condition tab when you open the element’s property window. You can what expression you need to check and then select what you want to happen if the expression evaluates to yes.

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Thanks a lot, @mikeolas!

You just solved my problem!

Best regards

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