Why do I need use API workflow within my APP. Can't I just use backend flow to trigger data workflow?

Hi good fellows,

I am watching some videos explaining how to trigger database events…

I understand that there is “Backend Flow” and there’s. “API workflow”.
I understand that API workflows are needed when the APP’s Database is communicating/interacting with outsiders.

But why do I need to use EndPoint workflow (which is a kind of API workflow) when it is just some database workflow within the APP itself. ? Cannot it just be the straightforward Backend workflows(Triggers)?

For example I’m watching this.

Wondering why the developer set up an EndPoint workflow to send a notification email to users when the item is back in stock. Can’t it be just Trigger → Send emails to Users (Type: user, Source: search for the users who registered for notifying)?

Thanks !


An API workflow is a backend workflow.

There are 3 types of backend workflows:

API workflows
Recurring events
Database triggers

If you want to ‘trigger’ a backend workflow (from another backend workflow, a front end workflow, or an external request) it needs to be an API workflow.

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