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Why does date picker have a placeholder value of "15th of January 2013"?

At least for me, and likely for others too, wouldn’t it be better to put “current date” as the placeholder value of the date picker when no defined “initial value” in the editor.

In my scenario a user is presented with a date picker with “current date”. When user selects a date, that is saved in DB as “start date”. If “start date” is n/a, then “current time”. If “start date” is available, then “start date”.

There can only be one initial value and I assume that “15th of January 2013” doesn’t help anybody. Might as well go with current time then.


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I guess you could also define “current date” in the default field of a date data field. However, that’s not possible. Only static values.

This is the placeholder, not a hardcoded value.

You’re right. Forgive my bad choice of words. I knew I was gonna get in trouble for using “hard coded” :smiley: updated. Still same question :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s a visual detail, we can fix that to the current time.

Just fixed it


cool thanks!