Why does the image removal workflow not respond?

in a repetitive group images are added and when I click on the fa fa times icon, the image is removed, but I click on the icon and nothing happens;
Can someone tell me what happens?


It’s likely that the image has been removed but it has still been “loaded” in the group. Meaning that if you were to refresh the page or the items displayed in the repeating group, it would no longer include it there.

After the make changes action, try adding a display data in repeating group action that re-references the original source of the images. That should effectively re-fresh the list of images displayed.

I did what you mentioned, update the page but continue the same, it has no effect;
any other idea?

Could you share some screenshots of the design setup and the updated workflows. Hard to respond without more to go on.

sorry for the delay;
in a group with data source (parent group’s Classes) there is a file Uploader, when I load an image, it is shown in the repetitive group

Everything works perfectly, the only thing is that it does not remove the loaded images, I do not understand why this happens.

From what I see, part of the issue is that you’re using a file uploader inside of a repeating group. This is not something that I would recommend doing. Rather, have an upload element next to or above your repeating group.

The file uploader itself is temporarily saving a reference to the image. That is likely the reason why you’re still seeing the image there.

the image loader is outside the repetitive group, it is on one side, the repetitive group and the image loader are in another group, at this moment I have the image loader outside the group, load the images correctly as always, but it still does not respond to the workflow of removing images by clicking on the icon.

If you’d like me to try and debug it, feel free to share a link to your editor in a direct message. I can take a look at it from there.

Yes, I do not have problems.

Thank you very much for the help, it was indeed a mistake on my part.

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