Why doesn't 'set list' work? But 'add list' does


I am trying to change fields of a thing in a “Make changes to thing” workflow. The thing contains a field “participants”, which should represent a list of users.

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When I try to initialize the list of ‘participants’ with the expression ‘set list’, it does not work and only the ‘current user’ is added in the database. However, if I use the expression ‘add list’, everything works fine.

Does anyone know why this is the case?

Many Thanks!

If both of those fields are setting lists, the first set list will run, but then it will be overwritten by the following set list. Set list does exactly what it says - it sets the list.

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I understand. But ‘add list’ doesn’t set lists, right? Example:

  • First field ‘set list’
  • Second field ‘add list’

The resulting list should contain all elements from ‘set list’ + all elements from ‘add list’. But that’s not the case for me.

In theory yes, but these might not always run in order etc. Why not just set the list to Do a Search for Users:plus item Current User and do it all in one expression?


Great idea. Thanks, it worked!