Why is Bubble so unstable this year?

If you look at Bubble’s status page, there’s instability almost every day. Today, once again, my application is experiencing slowness and workflow actions are not being completed. Now, I’ve encountered an error while entering the editor.

And guess what? another outage.

I don’t know about other users, but my confidence is diminishing more and more. I think the least the team could do is schedule a press conference or provide a thorough explanation and lay everything on the table because, as much as it may not seem like it, many families depend on Bubble for their livelihoods. For example, in a current catastrophe situation: an unprecedented flood is engulfing the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, and the state is using Bubble to find missing animals and people. More than 1 million people have been affected, and hundreds of thousands have lost their homes, in addition to tens of thousands who remain missing, including in my city, which was also affected. These instabilities only break down the trust barrier, even though it’s an incredible platform. How much longer are we going to have to cover for this and pretend like nothing’s happening?


I am also interested… Things are getting terrible lately…


I feel like stability took a significant hit this 2024, last year was so much better

Yeah, I am just starting with Bubble, but I’m wondering if I made a mistake and should jump ship. :confused:

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This here is pretty clear. Bubble has been transparent throughout all my years as a bubble developer.

I’m actually not at all worried at this point. If they weren’t breaking things I’d be more concerned. Bubble is at a pivotal point in their growth that they must break things or they will fall behind into oblivion. Every big successful company goes through this. Facebook, Google, Amazon have all been here even when they were 1000x the size of bubble.

I don’t enjoy these issues and it surely hits us all in the pocket but I have accepted it and welcome it because it means they are working.


This is untrue. It’s pretty stable compared to a lot of services out there. It may seem unstable, but it’s not. I would say when they are down every day or down for longer periods of time they’d be considered unstable. But spikes like this happen on services all the time. There is no way around it.

You are 100% correct. All bigger companies go through these issues. I’m not moving out of Bubble cause of their downtime. I’m moving away cause of the responsiveness of the framework itself (just BuildAppolis itself, not my clients apps or my ecosystem). Today was just my breaking point because this has been ongoing for the past month.

I understand your point, but the main issue for Bubble users is accepting breadcrumbs just because they offer a great server (and I need to acknowledge that, I can’t be ungrateful) and an easy way to develop code-free applications. The thing is, the market is out there, and so is the competition.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other companies have infrastructure errors (rare ones, which are seldom talked about - except for the AWS outage a while ago, caused by the rupture of an undersea cable), which mostly affect only them, not the 3 million applications that Bubble is responsible for.

Despite seeming like a recent and harmless service, it’s earning much more money due to price hikes, it secured a $100 million investment, and it’s been around for 12 YEARS.

I fully understand the outages and the team’s daily effort to solve them (I owe a lot to the quick support that usually answers my questions in less than an hour via email), but there are things that require additional clarification and a new round of trust-building. Today, workflows didn’t run, and 25 thousand customers were left at the mercy of complaints. What can I do? Nothing. They need to understand the concern when we are 100% dependent on Bubble since they don’t allow code exportation. We need to demand more, we need to involve the forum community more with the development team. Those who closely follow influencers in the field or read many posts know about Bubble’s neglect of new ideas and lack of clarification - some, for over 5 years, bordering on hopelessness.

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Thanks for shedding light on this! :blush:

the answer is simple.
Private equity wants to see growth so that they can realise their investments, so the focus is on onboarding new users, other fluff, and charging more.


I swear if Bubble goes down while I’m showing my app off at a convention booth in July…

The beginning of the downfall

Im thinking this is a result of native apps coming soon. Theyre tweaking stuff behind the scenes.

Get out when there is time, right noe i am planning to go back to past technologies