Frustrated Recently

Have been a user of Bubble for a few years now and have thoroughly enjoyed using it to build MVPs and functional websites. Recently, I believe we can all agree Bubble has been implementing some pretty cool things that have a positive effect on our ability to quickly deploy quality applications.

However, it appears that the focus on these new implementations are being prioritized over the actual performance of Bubble, both in the editor and live sites. As a result, I have noticed significant downtimes and experienced less-than-pleasant wait times to be able to finally be able to continue working on my project. You can see in the below screengrab on Bubble’s status page that in the past 90 days, there have been a fairly significant amount of major outages lasting more than an hour (I counted 8 as of March 15, 2024 at 11:55am).

All this to say, I hope Bubble eventually shifts its focus (at least slightly) to consistent performance and functionality of its platform. Would appreciate any thoughts, insights or feedback y’all would have on this.


Totally agree. I mean, I really love the mission that bubble talks about …
“all the way to IPO, as we like to say.”, but getting this downtimes definitely its not alligned with that.

I hope the bubble team listen us and help the entrepreneurs that relies on the core availability.

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same feeling here…

In the last 2 or 3 months we have had several situations that caused access failures. These problems were not so common some time ago.

And the most intriguing thing is that my capacity usage graphs have all been below 10% for several days now, which should indicate that there is no overload of my application on the servers.

Agreed. We are very frustrated with the slow platform and downtime. No transparency on reasons for the downtimes and no plan of action to reduce this. We don’t need fancy AI tools, we need platform reliability and version control to collaborate.

As a founder who has scaled their business using Bubble, I’m concerned this is a push to get users to pay the 5x multiple to get a Dedicated Plan…

Has anyone get more data-panel timeouts recently? The support team didn’t give me any actionable solutions to reducing these errors which make working with the platform in the backend incredibly slow.

And I think your comment speaks to the main issue here: That we don’t have control over when, how, or if we can work on the very thing Bubble advertises and asserts to be its main product. So how can they expect us to pay in the future?

@sarabeth Yes, I’ve noticed much more Timeouts in the editor than in the past, and even had to exit the page and reload at least 5 times over the course of 30min this morning.

I don’t believe you are far off the mark when you say that Bubble is trying to push users to pay for the higher tier plans through these new implementations. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as businesses will always try to make more money, but it does seemingly come at a cost (as you stated) of having the platform itself be reliable, efficient, and useful.

AI is the new hot thing. If Bubble wants to continue raising investment rounds or even do an IPO, AI implementation is essential.

I haven’t seen any platforms launch an AI companion that doesn’t suck yet, but they’re still going to do it

@drixxon I am not certain the argument here is that Bubble should not innovate and utilize newer tech like AI, but rather, that it should not do so to the detriment of the platform itself.

A few months ago, I think everyone was SUPER excited regarding the new AI offerings by Bubble and other companies, including myself. But we are seeing an impact on Bubble’s core offering because (or at least partially caused by) these new implementations.

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great point

Rubbish, if Bubble wants to raise investment rounds it needs to retain existing subscribers and get new subscribers… that’s all… AI isn’t necessary for that…

I doubt that but I share your concerns about stability. I remember in October 2023 a long post was made about how Bubble will be slowing down feature development to improve platform reliability and stability in Q4. Turns out we have gotten some nice new features (credit where it’s due) but there doesn’t seem to be any difference in stability.

Bubble is just under a mountain of technical debt and trying to crawl out from it inevitably leads to problems. I’m still waiting for Bubble to put their money where their mouth is and provide a service level agreement as standard like all other hosting platforms!


Outage right now. What’s going on and when will Bubble systems be back online?


yes… 20 days after this post was started and once again the same story

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Agreed, very disappointing. Bubble SAYS they will continue to enhance performance and consistency, but to me, the question is if they can actually execute on this representation.


Brownout happening now. What’s going on @bubble team?

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Agreed, it’s never a good feeling knowing that at any moment throughout the day that the editor / live version of the application(s) can just go out without warning.

It’s twice as bad when you spend time building trust with your client(s) that bubble is the place to be, yet stability is completely out of our control and we’re left with our foot in our mouth needing to give an explanation that we don’t have an answer to.