Why now do all of my dropdowns show duplicates?

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Anyone aware of why if I have not pushed an update through in months, now all of the sudden every dropdown on our site is showing duplicates? It looks awful and I am not ready to push our update through!!!

Will I have to go to every dropdown across our site to fix this? Not happy at all!..


did you find any solution to this problem?

Showing duplicates of what?

We have several dropdowns that pull options from repeating groups. For example, we have repeating groups of athlete’s and the dropdowns filter the list of athletes. A dropdown can have an athlete’s Age Group like “12-14”. Before, our dropdowns would show 3-5 options, such as “5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-18”. Now, when I go to our live site, the dropdowns show an option for every single athlete in the repeating group. Instead of 3-5 options, there could be hundreds of options in the dropdown. Dozens of each age group. It appears easy to fix on the development side by adding the “unique elements” to the end of the data source but what is irritating is that the change happened without us pushing an update to live. It also did not create an error in development so now I have to go through all of our pages and pop-ups to see if this extra search criteria needs added to a dropdown. We have other changes that are not ready to go live, and now we have to rush them just so we can fix the “unique elements” dropdown issue otherwise our site looks incredibly tacky with giant dropdowns…


Here is an example. The dropdown pulls the entry categories of athletes. It should have a maximum of 4 categories, which it has had for a couple of years. Now it looks awful with dozens of duplicates.

Add the :unique elements tag to your search in the dropdown.

Yes, I noticed that new tag. It is just very frustrating the change affected our live site without us ever pushing an update live and without us updating our bubble version. We have changes that are not ready to go live so we will have these crazy long dropdowns until we can finish all changes and add the unique elements tag to the dropdowns.

It’s nothing new. I don’t know how your app works, but I’m sure as your database grew, there were more duplicates of the types you’re trying to display in the dropdown.

hmm… well I am on the site every couple of days and it just appeared for us recently. The dropdowns look dramatically different with no changes to our site (on our end).
An example is if I go to a competition that is 12 months old. All of the athletes in that competition have been locked for 12 months. Up until recently, the dropdown had 4 options. Now, when I go back to that closed competition, the dropdown has 100 options. It is impossible for more data to have been added to the dropdowns data source yet the number of options is 25x what is was before.

Weird! What is the datasource for the dropdown in this example? Can you send a screenshot?

Based on the wording, I can understand why duplicates are showing. But I promise if the dropdowns looked like this during a meet, parents/users would definitely let us know about it. Also, during testing each day we would have noticed it and fixed it immediately. The attached example had two teams competing. The users can filter results by team.

I am going to see if bubble has any thoughts. Not really anything we can do but go fix all of our dropdowns and push an update through.

Yeah, it’s hard to see how that ever could have worked without the :unique elements operator. Does the conditional have any bearing on the choices source? Could the repeating group’s data source have anything to do with it? It’s hard to imagine Bubble broke something related to the issue you are describing because I imagine lots of folks would be running into it.

If you are willing to share, it would be interesting (to me, at least) to know if Bubble support has any insight because again, it doesn’t look like it could have ever worked correctly (not saying it didn’t, though, because I’m sure you’re right that you and your users would have noticed it).

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I would like to take a look several months back on our development site but it appears our membership only allows us to go back 30 days. I will update the thread with what I hear back from bubble.

Looks like this is a bug introduced on our end last week in the course of fixing a separate dropdown-related bug. Working on a fix right now.


Thanks @marca

This happened to my app as well.

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know I did hear back from Bubble and it was an update they pushed through. I knew I wasn’t crazy. They are working on a solution to fix it so I do not have to rush an update through. Unfortunately I already went through and added the unique elements tag to most of our dropdowns. I hope it still works properly once we push those changes live in a week or so.

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Looks like it was a bubble update that inadvertently caused this. They are working to resolve it. I believe adding the “unique elements” tag to the end of the data source would also fix it, however, the main issue for us was that it happened out of nowhere when we didn’t push an update through. Fingers crossed it’s resolved soon.